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This Week's NEWS from Hallmark & Great American Family (In Case You Missed It)

Hallmark and Great American Family shared more news this week about Christmas in July, new movies, and new series. In case you missed the scoop, here are some of the exciting details of upcoming projects:

Hallmark News and Great American Family News

Lacey Chabert & Brennan Elliott Are Filming Another Movie Together!

Chabert and Elliott captured our hearts when they starred as Jenny and Brian in the All of My Heart trilogy. The two have paired up for 10 Hallmark movies thus far, and another one is set to premiere in 2024 during Hallmark Channel's annual Fall into Love event.

Many fans had high hopes for a fourth installment to the All of My Heart saga so we could see how things are going at the inn and learn if our beloved on-screen couple ever started a family. That isn't happening, but at least we're getting a fresh romcom from the two that sounds unique.

His & Hers is the working title for the Fall movie, and here's the synopsis: "Married couple Dana (Chabert) and Mark (Elliott) are high-powered lawyers at two separate New York City law firms. They soon find themselves on opposing sides of a messy divorce between two reality stars, Sammy and Brett. When both clients are unable to compromise, Dana and Mark are headed for a courtroom showdown that results in tensions infiltrating their otherwise happy household."

Hallmark Orders Three More Christmas on Cherry Lane Films

No details have been released about the plots of the new installments, but since the original followed three couples, one might conclude that each new installment would center on one of the three.

If you only watch Hallmark movies that are family-friendly, you might want to skip these, since one of the couples is gay. It's revolting to watch Hallmark sugarcoat perversion, but they keep doubling down on unnatural pairings in an attempt to normalize what isn't normal.

Merry Movie Week Is Coming Up June 21-28 on Hallmark Mystery

Christmas in July happens on Hallmark Channel for an entire month, but Merry Movie Week is exclusive to Hallmark Mystery. Sometimes fans confuse the two. The schedule is out for the June 21-28 event, so be sure to visit this post where I list all of the movies that will be showing.

Merry Movie Week Schedule on Hallmark Mystery

A New Mystery Series Starring Candace Cameron Bure Premieres in October on Great American Family

If you miss watching Candace Cameron Bure in her role as Aurora Teagarden, you can follow her sleuthing again on October 4 when Great American Family debuts The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker.

The new mystery franchise is based on the books by Candace Havens. There are five books in the series, so let's hope additional movies will stem from this endeavor.

We already knew this movie was coming sometime in 2024, but Great American Family just announced the official air date.

Christmas in July Is Happening on Great American Family

Hallmark Channel isn't the only network celebrating Christmas in July. Great American Family will also be airing 24/7 Christmas movies beginning July 1.

Great American Christmas in July

Although Great American Family doesn't have the extensive catalog that Hallmark boasts, they are growing rapidly as viewers gravitate to movies that reflect pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-American content. The network is a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry.

Movies will feature stars you know, like Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar, Jill Wagner, Chad Michael Murray, Jen Lilley, Lori Loughlin, Trevor Donovan, Laura Osnes, Merritt Patterson, Paul Greene, Cameron Mathison, Jennie Garth, Christopher Russell and more.

Great American Family Announces Details of TWO NEW Christmas Movies!

During the 2024 Christmas season, Alexa and Carlos PenaVega wil star in Love at the Kettle (working title) on Great American Family. The pair will play high school friends who reunite at the holidays as she returns home and enlists him to help her write a song to win back her ex.

The press release states, “As the two reunite for the first time in a decade, they embark on a Christmas journey down memory lane, and soon realize true love may be closer than they thought. The heart of the movie centers on Jack’s role with The Salvation Army, and Bella soon finds herself inspired by his devotion and passion to a life of doing the most good. Filled with charming original music and its share of twists and turns, ‘Love At the Kettle’ demonstrates the importance of never losing sight of the ones who matter the most.”

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega starring in Love at the Kettle

The couple had this to say to Variety about their new project together:

“We are so excited about Love at the Kettle because it represents everything Carlos and I love about Christmas and the holiday season. We want to be a light in this industry and to offer families positive, uplifting and faith-filled stories,” says Alexa.

Carlos adds, “We also feel fortunate to have worked with The Salvation Army for a number of years, and we look forward to representing the authentic goodness behind the brand and mission.”

Christopher Russell and Merritt Patterson are also teaming up for Great American Christmas 2024 in A Vintage Christmas. The network released this synopsis:   "Tessa (Patterson) is a dedicated historian and preservationist in her hometown of Oak Creek, an old-fashioned and passionate protector of the nostalgic. Sparks fly when a business developer, Noah (Russell) arrives in Oak Creek with plans to tear down an abandoned Post Office and replace it with a sleek, modern office complex. There are internal and external struggles among many in the community to arrive at a solution that serves the greater good for all concerned. As the clock ticks toward Christmas, the race to settle the dispute through concessions and compromise is on."

Merritt Patterson and Christopher Russell star in A Vintage Christmas on Great American Family

Russell and Patterson have previously headlined other movies for the network. CEO, Bill Abbott, lauds the high-profile talent the channel is attracting and says, "Familiar faces like Merritt Patterson and Christopher Russell, are a big reason Great American Christmas has become so popular, so fast."

Agreed. We give newbies a chance, but we prefer our tried-and-true favorites!

That's a Wrap on This Week's Hallmark and Great American Family News!

Keep up on all the latest Hallmark and Great American Family news:

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