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Hallmark Mystery's "Merry Movie Week" 2024 Schedule!

Updated: Jun 11

While Hallmark Channel fans eagerly anticipate the annual Christmas in July movie event, Hallmark Mystery starts making the yuletide gay in June with seven days of holiday movies during Merry Movie Week 2024!

Christmas Movie Schedule for Hallmark Mystery's Merry Movie Week 2024

The selection is great, but it's odd that Hallmark is repeating movies throughout the 7-day (June 21-28) event when they have an extensive catalog of movies that makes repetition unnecessary.

Hallmark Mystery Merry Movie Week Schedule

Listed below is the Merry Movie Week 2024 schedule. Share in the comments which movies you're looking forward to the most!

June 21 (Friday)

3/2c: Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas

5/4c: Christmas on My Mind

7/6c: To All a Good Night

9/8c: Mystery on Mistletoe Lane

11/10c: A Godwink Christmas

June 22 (Saturday)

1a/12c: Love You Like Christmas

3a/2c: Journey Back to Christmas

5a/4c: Christmas Wonderland

7a/6c: The Perfect Christmas Present

9a/8c: Christmas in Montana

11a/10c: A Glenbrooke Christmas

1/12c: The Christmas Promise

3/2c: Ms. Christmas Comes to Town

5/4c: Heaven Down Here

7/6c: Miracle in Bethlehem, PA

9/8c: Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas

11/10c: Long Lost Christmas

June 23 (Sunday)

1a/12c: Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas

3a/2: Time for You to Come Home for Christmas

5a/4c: Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

7a/6c: A Christmas to Remember

9a/8c: Homegrown Christmas

11a/10c: Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas

1/12c: Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas

3/2c: Small Town Christmas

5/4c: A Veteran’s Christmas

7/6c: My Christmas Guide

9/8c: A Season for Family

June 24 (Monday)

3/2c: Project Christmas Wish

5/4c: A Little Christmas Charm

7/6c: Christmas Tree Lane

9/8c: Northern Lights of Christmas

June 25 (Tuesday)

3/2c: A World Record Christmas

5/4c: A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love

7/6c: Christmas at Grand Valley

9/8c: Hope at Christmas

June 26 (Wednesday)

3/2c: A Maple Valley Christmas

5/4c: Every Christmas Has a Story

7/6c: A Homecoming for the Holidays

9/8c: A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas

June 27 (Thursday)

3/2c: Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle

5/4c: The Christmas Secret

7/6c: Mystery on Mistletoe Lane

9/8c: The Christmas Promise

June 28 (Friday)

3/2c: My Christmas Guide

5/4c: Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas

7/6c: Christmas in Montana

9/8c: Miracle in Bethlehem, PA

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Jun 12

Lots of good movies here. I just wish Hallmark would blow the dust off some old ones and play those for a change.

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