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Review: Hallmark's "The More Love Grows" Doesn't Live Up to Its Title

The movie title, The More Loves Grows, is supposed to be a reflection on the importance of tending marriage so that love continues to grow rather than wither, but the movie takes a sharp, feminist turn.

What Is The More Loves Grows About?

After settling their daughter into college, Helen is blindsided when her husband asks for a separation. With the help of a friendly vet and a rambunctious stray dog, she rediscovers her strength and begins to rebuild her life.

The movie stars Rachel Boston and Warren Christie.

The More Love Grows Is an Honest Look at Marriage

After nearly 20 years of marriage, Helen and Paul discover that they have grown apart. It happens. When a couple first marries, their lives blend and center on each other. Everyday life, careers, and children gradually consume so much time and attention that it becomes very easy for a husband and wife to lose one another.

This is what happens to Helen and Paul. Once Aly is dropped off at college and the couple returns home, Paul asks for a separation. Helen is shocked and initially makes a feeble stab at saving their marriage, but Paul feels they've drifted too far apart and need to go their separate ways.

When a lost dog shows up at her doorstep, Helen, a first-time dog owner, turns to soon-to-be veterinarian Ben for advice. Not only does their friendship quickly evolve to something deeper, but Helen also rediscovers her artistic passion and finds she has the strength to make it on her own.

The More Love Grows Includes a Feminist Rant

While walking Elmer at the dog park, Helen befriends Cindy, a hardcore feminist. Divorce nearly destroyed Cindy, but she bounced back as a rock singer who performs locally as Cindy & the Rogues. Unlike Helen's mother, who encourages her to save her marriage, Cindy pushes Helen to contact a divorce attorney. Cindy tries to infect Helen with the radical, feminist notion that marriage is an outdated social construct, part of the "patriarchal machine," that is keeping Helen from living her best life.

Hallmark movies increasingly cater to political ideology and continue to shift away from the traditional values that were once embedded in their brand. Marriage is God's idea, and it often requires patience, second chances, forgiveness, work, unconditional love, sacrifice, and honoring a commitment, especially during the rough patches.

Paul realizes his mistake, seems sincerely apologetic, admits he was wrong not to address their issues sooner, is willing to let go of his dream job to make their marriage work, and appeals to Helen for a second chance.

Like a true hedonist, Helen rejects Paul's olive branch. She likes being on her own, doing what she wants, and she prefers to see where things could lead with Ben in this new chapter of her life. This is the exact opposite of God's design for marriage. Hedonism prioritizes personal pleasure in lifestyle, action, and thought over doing the right thing.

Sure, it's just a movie, but what you watch can eventually affect how you think. Scrapping responsibility and one's vows only to become more self-centered is a far cry from the messaging Hallmark movies once promoted.

The More Love Grows Should Have Been Titled Let Love Wither

Susan, Helen's mother, offers the most sage, old-school advice. She tells Helen that the more you tend marriage, the more love grows. Marriage without attention withers. It's true.

The More Love Grows is an ill-fitting movie title. Helen only makes a half-hearted attempt to fix things with Paul before quickly giving up. She does nothing to tend to the relationship to nurse it back to health so that it can grow. Instead, she continuously insists that Paul leave and denies him the second chance he sincerely requests. Helen capitalizes on Paul's mistake so she that can revel in freedom and a new relationship.

Hallmarkie Mentions on The More Love Grows

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An overwhelming majority of viewers LOVED The More Love Grows, as evidenced by the comments below. Only a couple Hallmark fans (aka Hallmarkies) said they didn't like it, only because they don't care for Rachel Boston.

Many fans are hoping for a sequel, though one seems unlikely.

Here are the top fan comments:

  • I totally enjoyed this movie. Rachel and Warren were wonderful together. --Yolanda B-L.

  • Love, love this movie. Kind of made me cry. I got divorced after 20 years .... I think I have a Hallmark movie in the making! --Denise R.

  • Absolutely adored this fabulous movie, amazing chemistry. Warren Christie is simply gorgeous! --Candy G.

  • Must’ve been a good movie as I did not fall asleep! Enjoyed it immensely. --Patricia H.

  • My roommate and I watched this movie tonight and simply LOVED it! I like the direction that the writers are taking in the scripts of these movies. They are well planned out. I hope they make a sequel of this film; because I would like to see where the characters end up. Thanks for keeping us entertained! --Cheryl T.

  • Loved the movie! A positive look at staying positive through life during a breakup. --Sue N.

  • Great movie! These two meshed so well. It seemed so natural! --Glenda M.

  • Liked this one. Different from the run of the mill romances. Good story and cute dog. --Gail M.

Final Thoughts on The More Love Grows

Warren Christie is one of my favorite Hallmark hunks, and I enjoy every movie of his, including this one, despite not being a fan of Rachel Boston (even though she's a good actress).

Though I take issue with the flippant and dismissive attitude towards marriage and the hedonist messaging, the acting, chemistry, unique story, and cute dog still create a mix that results in an entertaining movie.

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