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Mario Lopez Signs Deal with Great American Family, But Who IS Mario Lopez?

Updated: Feb 20

News about Mario Lopez joining the Great American Family channel is plastered all over social media like it's a huge deal, but not everyone knows who he is.

Who Is Mario Lopez?

Mario Lopez is best known for his role as A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell--an NBC sitcom that aired from 1989-1992 that followed a group of friends and their principal at a Los Angeles high school.

Lopez has enjoyed an extensive career on a variety of fronts. He has made appearances in countless TV shows, movies, and soap operas. He's been a voice actor, contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and TV show host for programs like Extra and Access Hollywood. He's written three non-fiction fitness books, starred on Broadway, and helped revive the 80's Puerto Rican band, Menudo. In addition, Lopez hosts the national iHeart radio program On with Mario Lopez. He's been nominated for multiple entertainment awards and received two daytime Emmys for Outstanding Entertainment News Program.

Lopez probably looks familiar, even if you can't pinpoint where you've seen him.

What Will Mario Lopez Be Doing for the Great American Family Brand?

Lopez has inked a multi-year, multi-picture deal with Great American Family, and his first venture will be a 2024 Christmas movie where he will star alongside his wife, Courtney Lopez.

Lopez won't be pigeonholed into just the Great American Family network. He will also star in content across all of GAF's linear networks: Great American Faith & Living, Great American Pure Flix, Great American Adventures, and the digital channel, Great American Faith & Home.

Great American Family CEO, Bill Abbott, released this statement, "We welcome Mario to Great American Media and look forward to his many creative contributions to our ever-growing, emerging brand of beloved faith and family entertainment."

Lopez's prolific career has made him a pop culture icon, and his talent will undoubtedly draw new viewership to Great American Family.

Great American Family Seems to Be Trying to Placate the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Crowd

One reason fans have switched from Hallmark to Great American Family is due to the inclusion of LGBTQ characters and an over-emphasis on diversity and inclusion--buzz words that parade as anti-racism though they are the epitome of racism. "Diversity" and "inclusion" means replace white people with other races based on skin color rather than talent, qualifications, or character.

While Lopez is, indeed, qualified for the job, his public statement about the partnership with GAF is mildly troubling:

“Throughout my career, I’ve aimed to create a body of work that appeals to diverse audiences and, above all, brings joy to people. Joining Great American Media is immensely fulfilling. I look forward to creating uplifting, inclusive, and diverse content, viewed through a positive lens for all ages. At this stage in my life, family is the most important thing to me. Being able to share family-friendly stories representing diverse voices is a true blessing,” Lopez said.

Subtract the words in bold from his statement and reread it. THAT is what he should have said. There was no need for Lopez to make his deal with Great American Family about race. He's being brought on board because of his talent and appeal. Race should be irrelevant. It looks like GAF is trying to get the woke mob off the network's back by highlighting diversity, and it's disappointing that they can't celebrate signing celebrities based on merit alone.

Mario Lopez's Personal Life

According to Wikipedia, Lopez married actress Ali Landry in 2004 after six years of dating, but the marriage was annulled in just two weeks after Landry learned he had been unfaithful to her at his bachelor party.

Lopez's next significant relationship was with Karina Smirnoff, his Dancing with the Stars partner, but the two called it quits within two years of dating.

Lopez met his current wife, Courtney Mazza, on Broadway. They married in 2012 and have a daughter and two sons.

Mario Lopez with wife Courtney Mazza

Lopez is Catholic and states that he attends church weekly. He was even baptized in the Jordan River in 2018.

In addition to his expansive accomplishments, he is also a huge advocate for fitness and an amateur boxer who has earned his purple belt.

What Do You Think of the Addition of Mario Lopez to Great American Family?

Judging my Lopez's long and prosperous career, he will likely create and star in movies we will love.

Share your thoughts about this new addition to the "family" in the comment section below!

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Feb 10

I remember when the airwaves were mostly pretty white people. God created diversity. I would like to see and learn about other cultures, but not straying from the Bible’s message.


Feb 08

Thank you for telling us more about Mario Lopez. I have never heard of him. Sounds like he has an amazing track record, so you're right that it doesn't seem necessary to fixate on the "diversity" he brings to GAF.

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