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Welcome to RomCom Review--A Blog Focusing on Hallmark & Great American Family Movies!

Who doesn't love a happy ending?

If life only mimicked a romcom movie, we could rest easily knowing that the struggles of today would eventually work out for the best. Our enemies would redeem themselves, we'd reach the pinnacle of success in our careers, and our love lives would surpass the fairytale.

In reality, life can be complicated while beautifully unpredictable. Loose ends aren't always tied, promotions don't always come, and our significant others are unlikely to be royals in disguise.

Toggling between Hallmark and Great American Family, movies abound that allow us to escape to a happy place where everyone is nice, communities are close-knit, families aren't broken, seasons are celebrated, faith is promoted, patriotism is a virtue, and romance is clean.

Blogging about Hallmark and Great American Family movies

What You'll Find at RomCom Review

Here's what you can expect from RomCom Review:

  • Honest reviews of Hallmark and Great American Family movies

  • Articles about new movie premieres

  • Links to the latest Hallmark and Great American Family DVDs and other merchandise to help you celebrate the current season

  • Movie schedules

  • Celebrity birthdays

  • and MORE!

What you won't find are glowing reviews about movies that stink (we're not putting lipstick on pigs here) or endorsements of Hallmark movies that contain same-sex relationships.

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One way or another, we can all experience a happily ever after!

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