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Hallmark Channel Unwraps NEW Movies for "Christmas in July" 2024 Schedule!

Updated: Jun 1

Hallmark Channel announces plans for its 12th annual Christmas in July celebration. It's an event that Hallmark fans eagerly anticipate--an early start to our favorite movie season!

Hallmark's Christmas in July Features Two Premieres and Two Movies That Previously Aired on Hallmark Movies Now

Two original movies are in the Hallmark Channel lineup: Falling Like Snowflakes (premiering June 29) and A Very Vermont Christmas (premiering July 20).

Two movies that previously aired on Hallmark Movies Now will debut on Hallmark Channel during the July event: Rescuing Christmas and An Ice Palace Romance.

Fans of Three Wise Men and a Baby will be treated to an Extended Cut of the movie.

If you have Hallmark Movies Now, you will be gifted with an original release, too: Operation Nutcracker.

Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July Fan Favorite Marathon

From now until June 23, viewers can visit the Hallmark Movie Checklist App to vote weekly for their favorite Christmas movies that will then air during the Fan Favorite Marathon from June 28 through July 8.

The only downside is that Hallmark pre-selects the options. Many viewers express on social media their desire to see older holiday films from Hallmark's extensive vault, but for some unexplained reason, Hallmark ignores them and insists on replaying the newer movies. Although there have been some very unique and creative recent movies, fans insist that the older films have more substance and less cookie cutter fluff. Why Hallmark resists playing the high-quality movies from their library is anyone's guess, but some believe it's due to older films not matching the current leadership's political ideology that demands Marxist elements of diversity, equity, and inclusion in stories.

Christmas in July for Hallmark Movies Now Subscribers

If you are a Hallmark Movies Now subscriber, there will be plenty of hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, and tree lightings for you, too!

Operation Nutcracker will premiere on HMM on July 1, starring Christopher Russell and Ashley Newbrough.

During the month of July, those with the streaming service will have access to 350 Christmas movies, totaling over 500 hours of holiday spirit, plus weekly themed collections.

Win a Trip to Hallmark's Christmas Experience During the Christmas in July Event

Hallmark recently unveiled its plans for the first ever Hallmark Christmas Experience, which will run on weekends from November 29 through December 23, 2024. The event takes places in Kansas City, Missouri, right outside of Hallmark's headquarters, and will include tons of your favorite Hallmark stars.

Although the festive square is open to the public for free, interacting with the stars or enjoying a more immersive experience requires a ticket--and the packages are expensive! The Be Merry option is $259, and the Find Magic package is $699!

During Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July event, watch for a way you can win a trip for two to the Hallmark Christmas Experience.

Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July 2024 New Movie Lineup

Here's a look at the schedule and synopsis of all the new movies playing during Hallmark's Christmas in July 2024 event:


Premieres: June 29

Starring: Rebecca Dalton and Marcus Rosner

Synopsis: A photographer, determined to complete her exhibit by capturing a rare photo of a 12-sided snowflake, enlists the help of a childhood friend, and they go on a mission they’ll never forget.


Showing: July 6

Starring: Paul Campbell, Tyler Hynes, and Andrew Walker

Synopsis:  Three brothers get the surprise of their lives when they are forced to work together to care for a baby over the holidays. 


Showing: July 13

Starring: Rachael Leigh Cook and Sam Page

Synopsis: In a world where Santa is real and wants to drum up some holiday spirit, two of Santa’s elves, Chuck and Debbie, devise a plan to grant one human on Earth three wishes to kickstart the holidays. Unfortunately, that human is Erin, who has lost all affection for the season. Even a blind date set up by her sister, with the affable and charming Sam, won’t change her mind about Christmas. But when she makes the mistake of... LESS wishing Christmas would “just disappear,” Erin wakes up to a world where the holiday never existed! Horrified, she realizes that she’s taken away everyone’s joy, so she enlists Sam to help her reinvent the festivities from scratch. In the process, Erin learns just how much this holiday and its traditions have meant to everyone around her - and how much Sam has come to mean to her.


Premiering: July 20

Starring: Katie Leclerc and Ryan McPartlin

Synopsis: A local champion skier and Vermont brew master team up as an unlikely match to create a seasonal microbrew, in order to save her family’s business by Christmas.


Showing: July 27

Starring: Celeste Desjardins and Marcus Rosner

Note: NOT FAMILY-FRIENDLY! Viewers who have watched this previously on HMN share that an over-the-top gay man appears within the first ten minutes of the movie to describe his wonderful first date with another man. If you do not enjoy seeing sugar-coated perversion, you might want to skip this one.

SYNOPSIS: A journalist faces old fears when she returns to her hometown ice rink to cover a story. With the help of the owner and his young daughter, she begins to reevaluate her life’s purpose.


Premieres: July 1

Starring: Ashley Newbrough and Christopher Russell

SYNOPSIS: When an antique nutcracker set to be auctioned at the Warby family Christmas charity goes missing, a demanding event planner and the heir to the Warby dynasty try to track it down.

Want MORE Christmas in July Movies?

Watching holiday movies smack in the middle of summer can help you beat the heat, but if you tire of seeing the same movies on a loop, Hallmark Channel isn't the only network hauling out the holly in July.

Great American Family channel will also be running Christmas movies during the month of July for their annual event, so, come July, check out their website schedule for movies you may have never seen!

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