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Great American Family Announces NEW Movie for Valentine's Day!

Updated: Feb 20

Passport to Love starring Shae Robins and Mason D. Davis is an original movie premiering February 10, 2024, in celebration of Great American Valentine's!

What Is Passport to Love About?

Robins plays Nicole, an international travel writer who has scored a dream seaside rental to research her newest vacation article. To her chagrin, the rental has also been booked to Kade (Davis), a marketing rep for a competing travel magazine. The pair share an immediate spark, but when each returns home, Kade's company orders him to exploit the friendship for business gain, since Nicole is a rival. The pair's paths cross repeatedly until the two discover that they have much more in common than a love of travel.

Passport to Love Isn't the First Great American Family Movie for Shae Robins and Mason D. Davis

Shae Robins captured the hearts of Great American Family viewers when she starred in the 2022 hit, Destined at Christmas, opposite Casey Elliott. When fans petitioned for a sequel, Great American Family responded with a second installment in 2023--Destined at Christmas: Christmas Once More. A third and final installment is planned for Great American Christmas 2025. Robins also appeared in the 2021 GAF release, Love in Aruba.

Passport to Love will be the third Great American Family movie featuring Mason D. Davis. He previously starred opposite Robins in the 2021 movie, Identical Love and enjoyed a strong supporting role in the network original, Happily Ever Emma.

Watch the Trailer for Passport to Love

Great American Family is synonymous with family-friendly programming that emphasizes faith, family, and seasonal celebrations. Passport to Love will be a wonderful addition to their Great American Valentines catalog. Be sure to watch the trailer below.

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