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Does Juan Pablo di Pace Do His Own Singing in Hallmark's "Branching Out?

Branching Out, starring Sarah Drew and Juan Pablo di Pace, was the best Spring into Love movie from Hallmark Channel in 2024. It was the fifth premiere during the network's seasonal event, and Hallmark saved the best for last!

What Is Branching Out About?

Sarah Drew plays Amelia, a single mom who couldn't wait for Mr. Right to come along to start a family. Through in vitro fertilization, she chose a donor and became the proud parent of Ruby, a precocious 10-year-old.

Although Amelia works hard to make Ruby feel that the two of them are enough to be a family, Ruby asks to find her biological father when her teacher assigns a Family Tree project.

Abandoned by her own father as a child, Amelia has built barriers to protect herself emotionally, so it's with much anxiety that she tracks down Ruby's birth father, who happens to be a local musician. Ruby is thrilled that her father's family is huge, but it's overwhelming to Amelia.

Since T.J. is a traveling musician, Amelia is concerned that Ruby will suffer the same disappointments and abandonment that she did, but Ruby accepts her father with open arms. Through the process, Amelia learns how to open her heart back up to love, too.

Does Juan Pablo di Pace Do His Own Singing in Branching Out?

Sarah Drew told TV Goodness that Juan Pablo di Pace was "just the dreamiest of all dreamiest acting partners." In the movie, Amelia and her best friend, Maura, refer to him as "smoldering."

He definitely qualifies as an official Hallmark hunk--too bad he's gay and unattainable!

In addition to acting, di Pace is a musician, singer, and director. He's starred in several musicals, including Chicago, Grease, and Saturday Night Fever. He's appeared in a number of TV shows, written and directed short films, and has been releasing songs and performing since 2010.

In Branching Out, di Pace actually performs Better, an original song written by April Geesbreght and Nelly Joy. You can watch the Facebook clip of the song here. Drew says of that particular filming day, "The concert scene was also just an absolute blast of a day. We had so much fun that day." It's an upbeat scene that provides a light-hearted break from the heavier emotional topics addressed in the movie.

With his ridiculously good looks, musical talent, and superior acting skills, let's hope Hallmark will cast di Pace in more movies soon!

Branching Out Breaks the Mold

Branching Out isn't the typical romcom infused with the usual fluff. It's emotionally substantive and deals with real-life trials: single parenting, search for a birth parent, childhood abandonment, trust issues, coping with large family drama, and more.

The movie is sweet. Amelia picked T.J. as a donor because she loved his laugh, but he ends up having much more to offer. He welcomes Ruby with his heart wide open, and the loving bond that quickly forms between the two is precious to watch. Ruby is amazed that they not only share a love of music, but also many of the same mannerisms.

Ruby's trust and ability to love with abandonment provides a stark contrast to Amelia's guardedness. Amelia stresses to T.J. that he needs to be a man Ruby can count on, but he also proves to Amelia that she can count on him, too.

Unlike other Hallmark movies that require one of the leads to turn down a job in order to stay in town, Branching Out provides a better solution to the plot conflict so that everyone can live their dreams.

The movie was filmed in Utah.

Branching Out Cast

Sarah Drew is an incredibly talented and versatile actress who always delivers a heart-felt performance. Branching Out is her fourth Hallmark film. She previously starred in Christmas in Vienna, One Summer, and Guiding Emily.

Branching Out is only Juan Pablo di Paci's second Hallmark film. His first was Raise a Glass to Love opposite Laura Osnes.

Cora Bella plays Ruby, and Branching Out is her first break-out role.

See the Trailer for Branching Out

If you haven't had a chance to watch Branching Out, it's one you will want to catch when it plays again on Hallmark Channel. Here's the trailer:

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