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Great American Family Announces Sequel, "A Prince in Paradise 2: A Royal Proposal" Starring Rhiannon Fish for Christmas 2024

Rhiannon Fish and Mitchell Bourke will reunite for a follow-up to the hit movie A Prince in Paradise, which premiered during Great American Winter in 2023, but this time, they'll be celebrating Christmas as a couple.

What Was the First A Prince in Paradise Movie About?

If you haven't watched the original A Prince in Paradise movie, here's what you missed. Olivia Perkins (Fish) is an author who is under pressure to follow-up her last bestseller with a new one, but when her boyfriend breaks up with her, she experiences writer's block. Since she's already booked a tropical vacation for her anniversary with now ex-boyfriend, she and her BFF decide an adventure is just what she needs.

While on the island, Oliva meets Alexander--a prince who is familiar with her book but who hides his identity so he can get to know her.

The movie includes all the typical tropes: a prince who wants to escape his royal duties, a girl who feels deceived, a Queen who doesn't approve of the union, but it's still a fun movie.

What Can Viewers Expect in the Sequel: A Prince in Paradise 2: A Royal Proposal

In A Prince in Paradise 2: A Royal Proposal, Olivia and Prince Alexander travel together to his family’s majestic palace in Torovia to spend Christmas with their two families. Despite busy schedules that push the couple in different directions, the couple seems poised to come together for a magical and unforgettable Christmas, until clashing cultures within the families lead to comedic mishaps.

If you're a fan of royal movies, A Prince in Paradise 2: A Royal Proposal sounds like an enjoyable sequel. The first movie had several comedic moments that were done well, which bodes well for the second one.

It will be interesting to see if Great American Family will continue with a third installment about the wedding, or if will end with the proposal. Either way, it sounds like Great American Christmas 2024 will be the network's best year yet.

You can get a sneak peek below:

Fish and Bourke Acting Credits

Fish's star is rising. She's been in romcoms on GAF, UPtv, and Hallmark as well as in Hallmark mysteries. Here are the movies she's headlined:

  • A Love to Remember (UPtv 2021)

  • Journey of My Heart (Hallmark 2021)

  • A Splash of Love (Hallmark 2022)

  • Sweet as Pie (UPtv 2022)

  • Nikki & Nora: Sister Sleuths (Hallmark 2022)

  • The Christmas Retreat (UPtv 2022)

  • A Prince in Paradise (GAF 2023)

  • A Picture of Her (Hallmark 2023)

  • When Love Springs (Hallmark 2023)

  • My Norwegian Holiday (Hallmark 2023)

Bourke is just gaining his footing in the industry. Aside from a few shorts and the original A Prince in Paradise movie from Great American Family, his biggest acting credit is a drama series that ran from 2019-2020 called The Heights.

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